Award –winning, beautifully hand drawn landscape concepts crafted by designer Martin Ruzicka will deliver the best possible outcome to increase the value, aesthetics and functionality of your garden or landscaping project...

Martin has been designing landscapes in Tasmania for fifteen years and has an extensive knowledge of the building and landscaping industries ideally equipping him to understand both the functional and creative requirements of any project. His versatility to work on a varying range of land parcels and budgets means that no job is too big or small. Martin’s philosophies for good landscaping centre on listening to his clients requirements and marrying these with the unique needs of the project. His dedication to research ultimately delivers landscaping solutions that inspire and provide pleasure for the people fortunate enough to visit  or live with them.

Martin's design experience spans a broad range of activities associated with the home improvement industry, including indoor and outdoor tiling designs, rock facade designs and installations, energy efficient window installations and garden and landscaping designs.  He is recognised for his innovative landscaping and tiling designs.

A well planned garden is a valuable asset to any home and the first step to realising your goal is to develop a detailed planting plan.  Martin can work with you to develop the garden of your dreams, showing you how to work with your garden's environment.  It doesn't matter what size your garden - if it is planned well it will work.

Martin can help you visualise your finished garden with hand-drawn sketches and planting plans showing not only plant species and sizes but also garden contours, pathways, rock work, steps, streams, ponds and other water features.

Martin’s commissions encompass all facets of indoor-outdoor landscaping from small urban courtyards to large rural properties. His projects have included the design of entertainment areas, domestic backyard redevelopments, pools, spas, water features, garden features, lighting, entrances and most importantly the gardens themselves. He is an accomplished designer mindful of space, movement and structure and his designs emanate from intimate discussions with the client before any structural work is undertaken.

Martin is frequently consulted by a number of Tasmania`s leading Landscape Contractors to assist with design elements, sketches and working drawings that serve to provide the hard copy reference platform  for them and their clients projects.

Martin is also the Executive Officer for Landscape Industries Association of Tasmania, and was winner of the Rotary Club of Deloraine Vocational Student of the Year at the 2010 Tasmanian Training Awards